Shift the paradigm: choose cell phone repair instead of cell phone replacement!

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Consumerism is alive and well in our global society. Indeed, we live in an era of instant gratification, buying expensive items that break within a few a years only to purchase the same product again and again. We make buying decisions based on what is popular and new rather than what we need. Gadgets and gizmos run amuck in our grotto of planned obsolescence, and we end up with drawers full of phone chargers that no longer work for the old devices we own, and phones with broken screens and missing screws for which repairs were too expensive. It is a faulty system, is it not? It is a system that leaves us spending more and more of our hard earned money on products designed to either break or be outrun by new technologies within a few years. Where does it end?

Instead of allowing this paradigm to control all of your purchases, make the decision to do things differently. One simple way to make a change is to stop replacing your cell phone every time it needs repairs or a new device arrives on the market. Indeed, is your iPhone 4S really that slow? Perhaps when compared with the newest iPhone 6, but will that change make a huge difference in your day to day existence? Probably not. When your iPhone 4S is in need of repairs, choose to go to cell phone repair expert. Instead of choosing to make a new purchase immediately, consider how you and your world might benefit from the decision to get your phone repaired instead. Some of the benefits of iPhone repair rather than iPhone replacement include:

  • Saving money: If your iPhone is not up for an upgrade through your phone plan and not in warranty, you will spend a lot of money to get that device replaced. While repairs can also be costly- sometimes making replacement seem like the better option- when you choose ZAGG Phone Repair to solve your device disasters you will spend less on repairs, making it worth your financial while to repair the device rather than replace it.
  • Saving precious metals: The valuable natural resources used to create the technology we use today are important to preserve. While our technology is without a doubt of value to our society, if we chose to make repairs on said devices rather than jump immediately to trashing them for new ones, we could preserve these metals. Plus, trashing your device when the problems it faces are reparable just means that you are adding to the mountains of garbage in our landfills. This can never be a good thing.
  • Setting an example: If more consumers decide that this attitude and paradigm of planned obsolescence is unacceptable, and more consumers start turning to companies like ZAGG Phone Repair and others to repair devices rather than replace them, we can make changes. By acting with our wallets, companies will get an idea of where our priorities lie and we can shift the way the world functions.

Don’t let the global acceptance of replacement rather than repair drive your purchasing decisions. Choose a quality and affordable device repair team, and make an impact.


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