Screen Repair and Liquid Damage in the Summer

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The screen is the most vulnerable part of your smartphone. A cracked screen from dropping or dinging can affect your smartphone’s functionality and leave you cut off from your life! Water damage is another common hazard. ZAGG Phone Repair offers fast and efficient screen repair and replacement as well as Liquid Damage Recovery, all top quality services at affordable prices to get your smartphone back on track fast for your active summer schedule, whether on vacation in Florida for Orlando attractions or Sarasota beaches or visiting sights and landmarks in the Washington D.C. area.

Cracked or broken screens and liquid damage are always inconvenient, but they can be the worst during the summer. Fast and efficient screen repair is especially important during the summer because you need your smartphone in top working order more than ever for travel, vacation, baseball, barbecues, and beach time, from Maryland to Florida. Also the risks to your smartphone from a cracked screen or liquid damage are greater during the summer months when temperatures are high and you enjoy more outdoor activity or travel.

Intense heat in the car interior or at the beach can cause a small crack to grow and can even shatter the screen. Summer staples like water, sand, dirt, sand, iced tea, and suntan lotion can get into a crack and damage the smartphone interior. All the time spent at the pool, the lake, the river, or the ocean increases the risk of liquid damage to your smartphone through a crack or the ports or buttons. This can damage the internal components of the smartphone, affecting the sound, screen, and the entire device itself. ZAGG Phone Repair offers top-quality screen repair and Liquid Damage Recovery service at four locations in Maryland, as well as Washington D.C., Virginia and Florida. ZAGG Phone Repair will get your smartphone back to normal in record time, fully functional and ready for all the summer has to offer.


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