Replacing the Earpiece on Your iPhone 4s

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Replacing the Earpiece on Your iPhone 4sOne of the most common iPhone repairs we see on the iPhone 4s is the earpiece. As phones age, their components slowly start to fail and will eventually need replacement. It is typically at this time that many people spend hundreds on getting a brand new phone. Don’t worry; you don’t have to completely replace your iPhone 4s if the earpiece is broken. The experts at ZAGG Phone Repair can assist you in quickly replacing the earpiece and have you back on your phone in no time! Here is how we do it.

Drop It Off or Mail It In

When you begin hearing crackles and distortion instead of your friends or family on the other end of your phone, it may be time to replace the earpiece. The first step is to bring your phone to one of our ZAGG Phone Repair locations or use our convenient mail-in service.  Either way, our skilled techs will be able to confirm that the earpiece is the problem you are experiencing and provide you with a time estimate for replacement. Many repairs can be done right away and within 30 minutes to an hour. If you mail in your phone, it can be mailed back in as little as one business day!

Don’t DIY!

If you Google “How to replace your earpiece on your iPhone 4s,” you will get many instructional how-to videos that claim that you can do it yourself. Unless you have some technical experience, it is not advised you attempt this repair on your own. The iPhone has many small screws and is put together rather tightly. If you mismatch any parts, you could permanently damage your device.

For more information about earpiece replacement for the iPhone 4s, contact the ZAGG Phone Repair location nearest you. We are happy to assist you!


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