Replacing the Battery on Your iPod Touch

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replacing the batteryIs your iPod Touch not turning on or dying too quickly? Odds are the problem lies with your battery, and we have some ideas to get your iPod Touch battery replaced quickly and efficiently. If you are looking to replace it yourself, you may want to read through this first.

DIY iPod Touch Battery Replacement

Replacing your own iPod Touch battery is a difficult and complicated process. Not only are the inner workings of Apple devices incredibly intricate and interconnected, they are also hard to access. The job also requires tools not commonly kept around the house.
If you do decide to do it yourself, here is a quick overview of what you should expect to encounter. To get at the battery, you will first need to remove the screen. This is done by heating the internal adhesive until it warms and loosens up enough for you to pry off the screen. Prying off an iPod screen is extremely difficult, as there is a high chance it could crack or snap. Often the adhesive needs to be heated again and again until the screen is off. Once the screen is off, there are a series of miniature screws that need to be removed before the steel cover can be removed and the inner workings clearly viewed.
Now the job really gets difficult. All of the pieces of your iPod Touch are interconnected, and you need to temporarily remove or pry them out of position without breaking to access the battery. There are tiny, delicate wires that will need to be detached and other small parts, such as the camera, that need to be moved aside before you can access and remove the battery.

Bring It into Zagg

Sound overwhelming? We’re not surprised. Our staff are professionally trained for replacing iPod Touch batteries without breaking or harming any piece of your device, and the best thing is they can often have it back to you with a new battery the same day.

If you would like help replacing the battery on your iPod Touch, contact our experienced team of Zagg Phone Repair specialists on our contact page to get your device working like new.


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