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There are certain occasions where replacing your phone is more viable than repairing the problem and vice versa. A cracked screen, busted motherboard, or any other handful of problems a mobile device can potentially have can all put a damper on your day. Deciding whether you want to repair or replace the iPhone should be your first step.


Before making any type of decision, look into whether purchasing a new device would be an upgrade. For example, if there is a new model iPhone available to purchase, or upgraded memory, or perhaps a longer-lasting battery, then purchasing a new phone may be viable. If you would simply be purchasing the same phone, you may not want to spend the money required.

If you do decide to replay your iPhone, remember that people will often pay good money for a broken device. Selling the broken phone can easily help pay for a brand new model if that is what you wish.


If your phone is relatively new, however, and simply repairing the problem would ensure it lasts for some time to come, there are certainly options available. Services like Zagg Phone Repair are renowned for offering iPhone repairs of all types, including screens and internals. Trained technicians can look over the device for an affordable price and solve whatever problem is currently plaguing the phone.

If this is the option you decide to go with, simply visit a phone repair center or call in for a technician to visit your home and repair the phone. The price is worth far less than purchasing an entirely new model of phone, saving your money in the long run.

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