Professional iPad Repair Services: 5 Reasons you cannot Ignore Zagg Repair Services

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As the preferred vendors for smartphone and tablet repair, Zagg Phone Repair provides one of a kind service to customers throughout the United States.  Whether you cracked your screen or need a new battery, Zagg offers reliable, and honest repairs performed by experienced professionals.

Here are the 5 reasons why you cannot ignore Zagg Phone repair services

1. Genuine Parts

One reason customers shy away from phone repair shops is that the repairers use faulty or second party, fake parts of the phone. We only replace genuine spares for your phone parts. We do not replace parts with used spares from other phones, and we do not replace the parts with cheap parts. Instead, we do guarantee genuine parts installations.  Zagg is driven by passion and integrity for the purpose of customer satisfaction.

2. All Types of Tablets and Smartphones

We deal in all kinds of tablets and smartphones including iPods, iPhones, tablet PC, iPad repair, and many others. Bring to us any Smartphone, and we will work on it appropriately. The technicians undergo regular training and sessions to keep updated on the latest phone technologies just to ensure that your new gadget does not remain inactive just because you broke the screen, need OS installs, or cracked the casing.

3. Work ethics

The technician carries out an assessment of the damage, evaluates the costs and discuss the available options with the customer before any repairs begins. We do not charge any extra costs or give false high prices for our benefit; we only sell the parts at the right prices.

4. Best Rates in the Market

The company provides high-quality repairs at a fraction of the price. Smartphones repairs are very expensive, especially when it comes to parts replacement. Come get the best rates you can never get anywhere on the internet.

5. Reliability and Efficiency

Zagg does the repairs in record 60-90 minutes. Very speedy service, just brings it in, and wait for a few minutes to have your phone ready for use again. If the technicians do an assessment and discover that the repair will take much longer, the customer is informed appropriately and told to come back to the phone after some hours. Overall, the repairs do not go beyond one or two days. Zagg assumes all the responsibility for the work done and parts. A two-year warranty is given for the repairs and parts, this is a whopping six times longer than the average tablets parts warranty given by the manufacturers.


Zagg Phone Repair is the preferred iPad repair company in Maryland, Virginia, DC and surroundings. The company is an authorized seller, reputable and has been in business for long. Only get your repairs from authorized dealers by the manufacturers to get the best deals and enjoy long lasting services.


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