A Cracked Phone Screen is NOT a DIY Phone Repair Project

A Cracked Phone Screen is NOT a DIY Phone Repair Project

If you’ve ever dropped your iPhone you know that feeling of pure panic. It takes a split second to fall but it feels like slow motion until it hits, as you imagine the worst – losing your pictures, music, favorites, passwords, and more – losing your entire lifeline. If you end up with a cracked screen but your phone turns on and still seems to work you may feel like you’ve gotten off easy. Not so fast!

25% of iPhone owners have cracked a screen at some point. Every crack exposes the inside to debris that can comprise functionality, and small cracks can spread and spiderweb. And besides, swiping over that broken glass can cut your fingers. But it’s a given that replacing a phone is a major expense. Faced with all of this you know you shouldn’t delay fixing the screen, so you might think about doing it yourself. You’re handy, there are how-to videos out there, so how hard could it be? Very hard and very risky, as it turns out.

Do it yourself YouTube videos feature folks who don’t always know what they’re doing. Would you really approach your iPhone repair with a hair dryer and a screwdriver? Without credentials or references their advice is questionable, especially for meticulous repair to an expensive and sophisticated tech device. Your iPhone has a top glass screen and a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen underneath, which is the key to high resolution display and touch response. Trying to remove the cracked top screen risks frying the LCD, which will really kill your display. Just one small mistake and you’re looking at a lot more damage and a lot more cost. Trying to fix it yourself is not worth the risks.

Choosing professional screen repair or replacement is a smart choice. ZAGG Phone Repair offers fast but thorough review, expert repair, and exceptional service, all at affordable prices. We also offer preemptive screen protection for future drops! Contact or visit us at one of our 8 locations in Orlando, Sarasota, Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland, as well as by secure mail.


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