Phone Repair on the Go in Orlando & Sarasota Florida

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Our smartphones, tablets, and devices are our lifelines. Screens are vulnerable and our iPhones and iPads take a lot of hits. When you are facing a cracked or broken screen or other hardware problem on your iPhone or iPad, the cost of replacement and the unplanned downtime can be equally painful. ZAGG Phone Repair not only offers affordable repair and responsive customer service, but the repair is fast. ZAGG understands how a broken iPhone or iPod can disconnect you from your personal and professional connections and routines, and how important it is to get you reconnected quickly and painlessly – especially when you’re traveling and away from home.

A broken iPhone or iPad is a stressful inconvenience on a normal day, but if you are traveling the disruption and aggravation are magnified. Whether on a business trip, a beach vacation, or a family visit to Disneyworld or the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you need your iPhone in top working order on the road more than ever.

113 million tourists visited Orlando in 2016, making it the sixth consecutive year as the most visited destination in the United States. On vacation you need that iPhone and iPad camera to record sights, sounds, and memories. Travel is tough on our devices as we jostle in crowds at Hogwarts Express, Epcot, or SeaWorld and run through airports. Nokomis, Venice, Coquina and the other beautiful Sarasota beaches and the ocean itself can pose dangers to the delicate screens and ports on our phones. ZAGG has locations in tourist meccas Orlando and Sarasota to ensure that trips to Florida are hassle free if you need affordable, fast, and reliable phone repair service on the go.

If you’re on a sales trip or at a conference you also need your iPhone or iPad to conduct business and communicate. Searching for a trustworthy phone repair shop can take precious time away from meetings and scheduled itineraries. ZAGG’s Florida locations in Orlando and Sarasota serve the sales or business traveler as much as the tourist.  

In addition to Sarasota and Orlando, ZAGG has locations in Maryland, Virginia, and DC, and they will get your iPhone back up and running in record time through careful review and repair with exceptional service, all at affordable prices.


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