No Zagg Nearby? No Problem! Mail in Your Phone Today!

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Zagg Phone Repair ServicesZagg Phone Repair locations are conveniently located in mall kiosks throughout Maryland and Virginia, but if these locations are not convenient to you, do not worry.  Zagg offers an easy mail-in option so that everyone can take advantage of Zagg Phone Repair’s incredible service.

We know how important your smartphone can be and our expert technicians are committed to providing quick solutions to problems that arise with your Apple or Android device.  Our mail-in repair service is quick and painless; Just print the mail-in form from our website, fill it out and send it along with your phone via USPS Priority Mail.

Once we receive you phone, it will get the same expert care that we provide at our walk-in locations.  We will diagnose the problem, using the information you provided, along with our signature 10 point inspection, making sure that your phone receives only the highest quality service.  We will then call to discuss the details of the repair.  Most devices are repaired the same day that they are received and shipped back Priority Mail on the same business day.

Prices for mail-in repairs are the same as they would be in store.  So, if you are far from a Zagg location, there is no reason why you can’t take advantage of the same great services offered in-house. Our mail-in repairs are easy, affordable and quickly executed – and you can rest easy knowing your smartphone is in good hands.



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