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broken phone bring to zagg Sarasota Florida is a beautiful community known for its gorgeous beaches, vibrant arts community and cultural atmosphere. Zagg Phone Repair is known for their excellent customer service and for being a strong proponent of “Don’t Replace, Repair!”. Now these two unique places will combine as Zagg opens a new location in Sarasota, Florida! Zagg is proud to help Sarasotans save money on phone and tablet repairs with our diverse services. Read more about what Zagg can offer the lovely community of Sarasota below.

Why Repair When You Can Replace?

We are bringing our belief of “Don’t Replace, Repair!” to Sarasota. Why replace when you can repair? iPhones and iPads in particular have a sleek and sexy screen that is also unfortunately easy to break. Thankfully, it is a fraction of the cost to repair a cracked screen on an iPhone rather than having to go out and buy a whole new device. A brand new iPhone rings in at $650.00 for the lower cost level, but simply replacing your screen is a far more economical choice.

Other Services

Zagg doesn’t just repair iPhones or screens however. Bring your phone, tablet or other smart device into Zagg and no matter what the issue is our professional and experienced team will assess the situation and give you an honest evaluation for repairs. We always try to have your device back you to same day if possible and you can always drop it off or mail in, which ever is more convenient for you. We also offer plenty of accessories to help extend the life of your gear, that way you can hopefully prevent future damage to your device by using the best-selling InvisibleShield technology or other device protectors.

Want to learn more about our phone and tablet repair services? Reach the new Zagg Phone Repair location on our contact page to get started.


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