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As the most preferred vendor for iPhone and smartphone repair, Zagg Phone Repair is best known to provide excellent services to customers in the United States. Whether you dropped your phone in the tub full of water or cracked the screen, all you need is to drop off your phone to their center and they will take care of it. Zagg repair center offers reliable, quick and honest repairs. Here are a few factors that will help you know the company better and make a better choice for your iPhone repairs, when required.

Genuine Parts

Finding a phone repair shop that guarantees genuine parts can be difficult. This is the one of the reasons why most iPhone users shy away from giving their phones to local repair shops. Faulty and fake parts are a common scenario. But, when we talk about Zagg, one can be rest assured about the quality and genuinity of spare parts being used to fix the phone. In fact, they guarantee genuine part installations to deliver high degree of customer satisfaction.

Wide Range of Services

Zagg Phone Repair offers all kinds of repair services. They deal in smartphones and tablets of all makes and models. Apart from these, you can also get your iPods, tablet PCs and other similar devices fixed without facing any hassle. The technicians at Zagg undergo internal training to keep them updated on latest phone technologies to make sure that they are capable of fixing any latest gadget with advanced technologies. ZAGG Phone Repair offers a wide range of repair services, which include:

● Touchscreen Replacement

● Microphone Replacement

● Button Replacement

● LCD Replacement

● Battery Replacement

● Camera Replacement

● Dock Connector Replacement

● Volume Control Replacement

● Earpiece Replacement

Cost and Pricing

Zagg Phone Repair provides high quality repairs at economical prices. There is no doubt that smartphone repairs, especially Apple phones are very expensive when it comes to parts replacement. At Zagg, you can expect to get reasonable deals on every repair.

Speedy Service

Zagg technicians are trained well to deliver the repairs in just 60-90 minutes in most of the cases. They ensure speedy service. All you need is to bring in your phone to be repaired, wait for a few minutes and you will get your phone repaired in no time. However, if after the assessment, technicians discover that the phone needs part replacement or might take longer to fix, the customer is informed about appropriate time of pick up. In most cases, the repairs do not go beyond a day or two.


A 90 days warranty is given for the repairs, as well as parts replaced. This is six times longer than what you get from the manufacturer. All parts and repair services include a 90-day warranty, which covers only the parts that were replaced. If the replacement part(s) fail or stop responding properly, it will be replaced free of charge.

Zagg Phone Repair is the most preferred iPhone repair company in the US. The company is also an authorized seller and has been in business for quite a long time.


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