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Keeping your mobile device from harm is at the top of any tablet or phone user’s priorities, but there are a few accessories on the market that can protect your product from possible damage. Take a few moments to review our list of some of the best smartphone accessories and applications on the market right now.

Screen Covers & Cases – Screen covers and cases are the first step toward keeping your mobile device in healthy operation. A screen cover can save the face of your product from unsightly scratches or cracks. However, if you are like many smartphone users, your phone follows you everywhere. Thankfully, there are many cases on the market today that are designed to protect your device from everyday mishaps.  Zagg’s InvisibleShield is the perfect accessory for the accident prone.  Easy to use and affordable, Zagg’s invisibleShield offers the user protection against scratching, cracking or shattering their screen.

Applications – Depending on the device, it usually has its own setup for combating hackers or viruses. However, there’s a few apps that can be fairly important in regards to the safety of the technology inside or if the mobile device happens to go missing.

  • Find My iPhone  

This spectacular application allows users to locate their iPhone if it happens to go missing. For Android users, there’s Android Device Manager, which allows you to track your device as well.

  • Hotspot Shield VPN

 This application allows users to use public Wi-Fi without the worry of someone stealing your information. Designed with security in mind, Hotspot keeps hackers at bay through its strong network.

  • Avast! Securline VPN

Perfect for Android users, this application allows users to locate their device, filter contacts and monitor their internet usage.

If you don’t know where to begin in terms of accessories, have no fear as Zagg Phone Repair is here to save the day. The experienced staff is on hand to help every customer find the perfect smartphone accessories.  Whether it is an Apple or Android device,  count on Zagg Phone Repair to keep your mobile device in tip top shape.



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