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Keep Your Phone Working in Winter
While there are certainly many individuals who will just use their mobile device for talking or texting, there are still some who prefer their new iPhone as a media device – music, movies, and podcasts, for example. To properly enjoy such entertainment while, say, out and about on public transit, wireless earbuds truly make a difference. Selecting the right wireless earbuds, however, is another matter altogether. Now, however, there are Charisma Wireless Earbuds – Bluetooth-enabled earbuds designed by women, for women.

Total Control

Most earbuds on the market today are the simple plug and play style devices. They do not offer complete control over the listening experience. The wireless hub of the Charisma Wireless Earbuds features simple, intuitive controls to ensure music and calls are easily within reach and crystal clear. The magnetic clip attached to the device allow for ease-of-use and security, too.
Pair such intuitive controls with its lightweight and mobile design, which means no dangling earbuds clanking around, and you’ll find the Charisma Earbuds are easy to use and quite in-depth.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Like the majority of Zagg products, the Charisma Bluetooth Earbuds come with a limited lifetime warranty. That means if any damage or wear befalls the device, we will replace the unit at no additional charge.

This is the perfect type of warranty for anyone who is constantly on the go and leads a busy lifestyle. We fully understand that wear and tear are a part of an everyday life, which is why we believe you should not be punished for such instances. Your headphones deserve to work correctly with clear sound.

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