iPhone Repair: Tips & Tricks to Consider

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Featuring over 2 million applications based on Apple iPhones, the brand has become an exclusive mobile manufacturing franchise. But what if accidently your iPhone lands in a pool of water? Perhaps it slips from your grip and tumbles down a flight of stairs only to be left with a broken screen? Do you handle your mobile with care? Apple has captured the attention of plenty and the popularity is ever increasing. But if you’re looking for tips to prevent the phone from facing any kind of damage, you’ve landed at the right place. Whether the screen cracks or scratches surface, here is some wealthy advice for iPhone repair.

Basic iPhone Repair Tricks


iPhone isn’t built to last forever but that doesn’t mean a scratched display should signify the end of your cell phone. Remove the scratches by making use of sandpaper or emery paper for a smooth surface. Brush around the edges and make the iPhones scratch free. Making use of a scratch guard is essential but if you don’t want to continuously replace it, this tactic is very efficient.

2.Dead Battery

Knowing that the iPhone doesn’t offer much durability when it comes to battery life as the years run down but there are several strategies to apply. But you don’t have to replace the entire handset just because the batteries take less charge. Instead you can replace the dead battery with a new, advanced and affordable battery setup.


Since the iPhone has been fabricated with several applications, there are chances of overheating. Like any device, changes in software or hardware components can cause the iPhone to become very warm. So if you want to cool the iPhone down either shut down the phone or remove the battery for a few hours.

4.Water Spills

One of the worst situations you can face with your iPhone is water splashes! But here’s a solid solution for iPhone repair that involves using rice to restore the phone. If the phone accidently falls in water, place it inside a bag of rice for approximately 2 days. This removes moisture instantly.

Tips on Replacing Broken/Scratched Screen

With hundreds using iPhones, it becomes necessary to become acquainted with various functions that ensure the stability and durability of the device. One of the most frequent problems we come across is scratches or broken screens while using the iPhone. For efficient iPhone repair here are a few tips you can consider –

1.The best way to avoid a scratch on the screen is by using anti-glare scratch guard that ensures the screen is bullet-proof. The static screen protector will not only improve display but will also protect the phone from scratches and a broken screen.

2.Whether you like it or not, the most efficient way to protect your screen is by using a cover case. Add in an intensive protective layering with an iPhone cover case that offers a raised lip at the front. This is to ensure that the screen never comes in contact with a hard surface that offers a fashionable and protective casing.

3.If you’re stuck in a worst case scenario with a broken screen, your best option is to replace it. It might seem tedious and expensive but there’s nothing you can do once the screen has cracked completely. Just a single ounce of protection, can save several inches of your device but with a broken screen you should ensure the phone is still under warranty.


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