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Despite how high the price is currently, the iPhone appears to have been designed for replacement on a set scheduled by Apple. After a few years, your battery life may begin to fade away – assuming you haven’t dropped the phone and cracked the screen well before then. Unfortunately, many of us will drop the phone while walking down the street, effectively shattering the glass touch-screen and ensuring the phone is useless for the time being. With that having happened, most of us would simply toss the phone away and buy a new one. That is where you’re wrong, though!

Save Your Parts

If you have a broken iPhone sitting in a drawer somewhere, do not simply throw it in the garbage. Instead, keep the device for its internal parts. When you ultimately decide to purchase a new model iPhone, you can use some of the parts as replacements. For example, certain internal components can easily be swapped and will work quite well with a new phone – assuming they have not been destroyed in a previous accident, of course.

A Repair Specialist

If you’re uncertain as to how you can save old parts from a broken phone and replace pieces of your new phone, take the device to a repair specialist. Not only does a repair technician understand the inner workings of most mobile devices, but they know how to spot damage in each part of the cell phone. While you may not spot a fried phone processor, a technician absolutely will. Overall, this should save you more time and money when performing extensive repairs.

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