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Since its debut a decade ago, the iPhone has become a staple accessory for people of all ages. While the iPhone is a very reliable device, it’s not entirely indestructible. It’s prone to damage due to a variety of factors such as water exposure, fall, scratches, and many other causes. Before you throw away your device and head to your local iPhone shop to buy a new one, you need to first consider the cheaper alternative – which is iPhone repair. Not all iPhone issues are permanent and irreparable. Some problems, including water damage, cracked or damaged screen, housing and chrome bezel damage, battery failure, button failure, ear speaker damage, and many more, can be fixed as they are just minor. Repairing your existing iPhone can save you a lot of money over getting a new replacement device. But it may not be worth the money if the damage to the unit is substantial.

Here is a little more information about the pros and cons of repairing various iPhone issues to help you make a good decision regarding your particular problem.

iPhone 4S Repair
Repair issue: Cracked Screen and Water Damage
It will cost you $199 to get a replacement device from Apple. But you can get iPhone screen repairs from Zagg phone repair at $69.99 and save a whooping $120. The great thing about getting your screen repaired at an iPhone repair shop such as Zagg is that you don’t have to schedule an appointment. You just need to walk into the shop and present your broken device and it’ll be back to its best in just a few minutes. iPhone 4S liquid damage recovery at Zagg goes for $30. The iPhone experts at the shop will also preserve your data.
iPhone 4S repair is worth every cent, especially given the many huge savings that you can get. Here, there is no loss of personal data and you can resell your repaired
iPhone for over $400 to get funds for an upgrade.

iPhone 4 Repair
Repair issue: Cracked Screen, Water Damage, and Malfunctioning Battery
iPhone 4-replacement device goes for $149 at Apple shops. But, with Zagg phone repair offering iPhone screen repairs for $60-$80, malfunctioning button repairs for 39.99, and water damage repairs for $40-$80, you don’t have to spend all your hard-earned cash on a replacement device. A used iPhone 4 can fetch up to $400, which you can use to upgrade to iPhone 5S or 5c. IPhone 4 screen and water damage is worth the money as there are huge savings to be realized. However, if your iPhone has suffered extensive damage then you might be better off going for a replacement device.
iPhone 3GS/iPhone 3G Repair
Repair issue: Cracked Screen, Water Damage, and Broken LCD
Currently, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G replacements cost $99-149. But iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G repairs are pretty painless. Components are very cheap as there are many sellers. All types of iPhone 3G and 3GS go for $40-$60. This means there are still lots of savings to be realized here, and the repairs are worth it. But if your iPhone suffers from more than one maintenance issue, you’d be better of getting an upgrade. The same applies for Original iPhone. Majority of repair shops don’t even provide Original iPhone repair services.


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