How to Take Care of Your Phone in the Winter

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ZAGG Phone Repair in the winterThe end of the year marks the holiday season, but aside from the fun, many of us forget how to take care of our phones in the winter. Colder temperatures can affect the functionality of your mobile phone. Here are some simple ways to keep yourself connected during the colder season.

Battery Life

Did you know that cold weather will affect the battery run time on whatever device you are using? Mobile phones are no exception to this rule. No matter the type of battery your phone has, batteries will drain energy faster the colder it gets. The good news is that this does not harm your battery, and it should normally function when the temperature rises. The only way to combat your short battery time is to keep spare batteries with you. Keep those extra batteries or power bank in a warm pocket somewhere to ensure their life as well.

If your phone battery is totally drained, warming up your phone may give you a bit of additional power. However, do not restart your phone until it has warmed up. Restarting a cold phone can potentially do more harm and permanently shorten the battery’s life.
Handy tip: one of those USB hand warmers plugged into your power bank can actually be a heater for your phone.

Moisture in the Air

Temperature changes can result in condensation inside electronics. In areas where it typically snows, humidity is usually very low so there isn’t much to worry about as long as you keep it out of the snow or damp areas. However, in more humid climates this can be a problem. Be on alert for quick temperature changes and keep your phone in your warm pocket while going from indoors to outdoors. Plastic bags or moisture proof cases can also help.

Fingers Don’t Work?

Most gloves and mittens designed to keep your hands warm didn’t have capacitive touch screens in mind. But with the popularity of touch screens, more gloves are being made that have conductive fabric woven into them. Alternatively, you can sew conductive thread into your favorite gloves and have the same effect.

These little tips should help you get through the winter without your phone giving you any problems. But, if problems should arise, give Zagg Phone Repair a call. 


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