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Ear buds are one of the most common types of headphones available in stores today. Their small profile and portability makes them popular for working out, traveling, and just generally being on the go. For all their convenience, however, there are some things you should know. For instance, retractable earbuds have hit the market and they are currently making waves.

Flex Arc

The Flex Arc is a newly released pair of earbuds combined with external speakers designed for users who are constantly on the move. Users can take their music or phone calls wherever they please, which is quite convenient.

The biggest design innovation to experience, however, must be the retractable design. By inserting the actual earbuds into the base, users will notice device lasts for longer periods. The unit is also more mobile, as it fits into your pocket with ease. The lightweight design, ease of use, comfort, and stylish appearance make these earbuds perfect for any type of user.


Besides being fully retractable, the Flex Arc also features two listening modes: 6mm retractable earbuds and an external 13mm speaker system. Wherever you are, whoever you’re chatting with, and whatever you’re listening to, the Flex Arc is comfortable and efficient.

There are very few other earbuds designs out there offering the same level of compatibility to mobile devices (MP3 players, tablets, and smartphones) like the Flex Arc system. It all comes down to the efficient design and ergonomic profile.

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