Everything you need to know about smartphone repairs.

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Today, smartphones and other handheld devices are almost a necessity rather than a luxury. These digital devices are expensive and it costs significant amount of dollars to obtain one. Unfortunately, most of them are susceptible to damage ranging from screen related damages to motherboard related issues, which result due to age and other factors such as accidental drops. When your iPhone or android device functionality is compromised because of such issues, you’ll be frustrated and the first thing that comes across your mind, is replacing it. This might not be necessary because you can actually repair your device by contacting a phone repair technician. It is not only an affordable way of getting your device into its original condition but it also helps you to retain the important apps and staff such as memos you had saved in your phone.

Should You Repair Your Smartphone On Your Own?

There are various smartphone major and minor repairs that your phone may need once it get damaged. Not all problems may be fixed but most of them can. Because opening your phone will rubbish off its warranty and even if you’ve insured it, chances are that you won’t file a claim and come out successfully. But if you think you can repair it yourself, then equip yourself with screen pry tools, screwdriver kit and specialty screw heads. Otherwise, you can take your smartphone to a smartphone repair professional. Ensure that they are licensed and qualified so that you get the right repair service.

Various Smartphone Repairs

1. Broken Screen

How the screen is built dictates the simplicity of its repair procedures. If the glass and the screen are fused together, the repair process may be tough and costly. If not, a replacement screen may suffice. In both cases, you must disassemble your device.

2. Repairing Headphone Jacks

During workouts and other activities, the headphones may stress the jacks causing them to malfunction with time. Headphone jacks are easy and cheap to replace since they are self-contained and are directly attached to the motherboard. In devices such as HTC, which are difficult to open and repair, replacing headphone jacks might prove to be hectic and almost impossible.

3. Stuck/Loose Buttons

Loose or stuck buttons can be replaced with ease. One can purchase replacements for most hardware buttons in a device and replace them without a hassle. Since most of the buttons are attached to the motherboard via cables, care should be taken when reattaching them. By just following the standard teardowns, you’ll get to know how to replace the power and volume buttons.

4. Camera Repairs

Though it isn’t common for camera hardware to malfunction because of a cracked camera lens, once it happens, camera sensors can be easily replaced. The all unit is attached via a single cable to the motherboard. When broken, the exterior glass can be replaced easily.

The aforementioned are just few smartphone repairs, which can get your phone into its original good condition. There may be other hardware repairs but their complexities make them expensive and risky. Repairing your phone is cheaper than throwing it and buying a brand new one. Just keep in mind to contact help from a professional in any repair process.



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