Drybox: The Solution For iPhone Repairs

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Protecting your smart phone is a great idea in theory, but we all know that there are moments where unforeseen accidents happen. Who hasn’t accidentally dropped their Iphone in a glass of water or gotten it wet by accident by being exposed to the elements? It happens every day, and it doesn’t have to be an accidental slide out of your pocket into a puddle– it can be anything! The ways in which your Iphone can be damaged and severely in need of repairs are literally limitless. Where there is water, there will be a way. It’s just the law of smart phone and aquatic attraction. That’s where a great device comes in that can help anyone repair their hand held smart phones. Introducing the marvelous invention of the Drybox,  the industry’s best solution to your water damage problems. 

Before Drybox,  if your phone suffered water damage it was considered dead on arrival by many iPhone repair technicians.  Thankfully, this is no longer the case.  Like an angel’s gift heaven sent from the gods, the Drybox comes in and magically makes possible what we never thought could be true. It reverses the process of a phone getting too wet and sucks the water out of the phone to restore it to normal, just like it was before. No new phone buying adventures for you anymore, because the phone you love so dearly is safe and sound.

Water and your cell phone may not be best friends, but the Drybox can resuscitate your phone from its watery grave and successfully bring it back to life. If you have lost a phone to water damage, you know this is no small claim, and the Drybox has the moves to back this statement up.  To prove their product is not too good to be true, the people at Drybox conducted a test with a random selection of participants.  Participants  placed their cell phones into containers that were filled with water and then gave their phones to the professionals at Drybox for a test run.   Participants were amazed to discover how efficient and quickly Drybox worked to dry out their phone, expunging any extra moisture .    

How does it work?  Drybox works like a vacuum sucking out excess moisture from the the components of the smartphone within a half hour.   Drybox recommends getting your phone inside the chamber with in 36 hours of exposure.  The quicker one can submerge the phone inside, the more likely it is to work.

Up to three thousand people a day experience first hand the pain that is dropping their cell phone into a gathering of water of some kind.  If this happens to you, fear not, you can save your iPhone with the help of Drybox. . 


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