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Zaag Phone Repair and ReplacementWhile iPhones are a popular smartphone choice, when considering the future, one must keep in mind that Apple iPhones only come with a limited warranty and one year of hardware repair.   One also has the option of buying extended coverage for two years from purchase date, which will only cover two instances of accidental damage for a $49 service fee.

An iPhone can make life easier, but dependence on the device can make iPhone damage and malfunctions extremely inconvenient and dreaded occurrences.  With such limited coverage, one can be faced with replacing a relatively new phone simply because the warranty does not cover the accidental damages, that are actually easy and affordable to repair at ZAGG Phone Repair.

With such frequent use, iPhones can easily incur scratches and cracks.  They are often accidentally dropped, easily slipping from ones hand, or banged against other objects in bags or purses.  Regardless how iPhone damage occurs, it is an extremely frustrating experience.  Whether the iPhone has suffered a broken screen, has been dropped into water, or has suffered some other accidental damage, it is nerve-racking wondering which iPhone repairs are covered by Apple’s limited warranty.

What happens if your warranty has expired?  Replacing a phone that is only two years old can seem excessive. What happens if you have had more than two accidents involving you phone?  Buying a new phone, when all you really need is a screen replacement, can be quite the unnecessary expense.  You can rest easy with ZAGG Phone Repair.  We use our signature ten-point inspection to diagnose your iPhone’s issues and can fix your phone, usually in under 90 minutes.  So before you spend a ton of money to replace your broken iPhone, take it to ZAGG for a quick and affordable phone repair!


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