Does Price Transparency In Phone Repair Companies Exist?

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Does Price Transparency In Phone Repair Companies Exist?When your phone is broken, there is always that inner debate on whether you should repair or replace it. Part of the reason many people decide to get a whole new phone is the mistrust in phone repair companies. Far too many people are worried about being taken advantage of when their phone is in for repairs. But does price transparency exist in phone repair companies? Of course! Zagg Phone Repair is the solution.

How Our Service Works

Whether you visit one of our store locations or mail your phone in, we will always be straightforward and honest with how much your repair will be before we complete it. Bring in your phone, and we will assess the work to be done and provide you a quote. We provide you with all the information you need to make the decision to either repair your broken smartphone or replace it. In most cases, our repair services are very affordable when compared to replacement, so the majority of clients choose repair.

No Frills, No Surprises, Just Quality Repair

We are dedicated to helping clients get the most out of their phones. We realize that sometimes accidents happen and you may drop and damage your phone. You have the right to know how much everything costs in total and how long your repair will take. A significant portion of our repairs can be completed within an hour or so after you bring it in.

Remember: If a company is not being upfront about the cost of repair, you should not trust them with your phone. Instead, contact Zagg Phone Repair. We promise always to let you know in advanced just how much your repair will cost. There is no difference in our pricing with either our in-store or mail-in service. Talk to one of our repair experts today.


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