DIY Phone Rescue: Methods To Save A Phone or Tablet

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Some “Do It Yourself” rescue in the event of a water damaged phone or tablet.


Phones and tablets are “attached to the hip” for many as they encounter the same harsh environments as the owner. However, most are not built to sustain heavy rainfall or the inside of a toilet… which leads to an early demise – and the need for a replacement product. Thankfully, we’ve provided some tips on how to salvage a phone or a tablet if it happens to get wet. With this being said, here’s a few tips to salvage a wet phone or tablet.

1.) Get It Out Of The Water – The first step may be the hardest for some, but it’s the most important step in the process. The sensitive components in your device have little to no protection from the water, so getting the electronic to safety is very important.

2.) Turn It Off – Turning off the device avoids the chance of it shorting out, which destroys any chances of getting your electronic into good standing. If you can remove the battery, remove the battery as soon as possible. If the battery is welded inside of the device, turn the device off before the water destroys the sensitive mechanisms inside.

3.) Provide An Escape – If you can take out the battery on your device, remove the SIM card, memory, and headphones. Let the pieces dry out separately so that the wet substance doesn’t cause any more damage. If the electronic fell in salt water, dirty water, or another harmful substance, you may need to wash it out or wipe it with a damp towel before you let it dry.

4.) Drain & Dry – Using a towel, vacuum, or blow dryer can help minimize the damage and help the product dry faster. For iPhones and iPads, you can use such products as rice or silica gel to help remove the water from inside the electronic.

5.) Don’t Turn It On – Let the phone dry off before turning it back on, as doing so can cause a short if water went into the circuit boards. After a few days rest, turn the device on and see if any damage had taken place.

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