How To Deal With A Broken iPhone

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For many of us, our phones are an extremely important part of our life. Our phones allow us to conduct business while on the go, stay entertained with music and games, and communicate with our friends and family. Because we’re so connected to our phones, it can be devastating when an iPhone is damaged. Rather than running to the store to get an expensive replacement, try out a few tips and see if the problem can be resolved. Many problems, large and small, can be corrected. You might just be able to save some money and a trip to the Apple store.

You’ll Still Need to Spend Some Money

Getting a replacement iPhone will be expensive. Repairing your existing phone will be less expensive. However, there are still costs associated with iPhone repair and you should be ready to put down a bit of cash if you’re going to have someone else take care of the problem. Luckily, the iPhone is so popular that many people have experience with fixing minor problems. The trick is finding the right person for the job. Obviously, you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to fix a scratched screen, but you also won’t want to fall for the online offers of replacement parts for $2.99. Using cheap parts will put you back where you started, with a broken iPhone and in need of repairs.

Get the Right Person for the Job

How can you avoid the scams? Find a trusted phone technician and have them fix your phone for you. Some iPhone repair jobs are simple. Others are much more complex. Taking your phone in and letting someone else handle the job will give you some peace of mind that the job is being done right. Ask friends and family members for recommendations, or ask for suggestions on social media. Many of us have had to deal with iPhone repairs and there’s a good chance that someone you know will have a tip about where to go for assistance.

In the Meantime

When you’re connected to your phone, it’s hard to imagine spending a week or two without it. Phone repairs can take some time, so be sure that you have a plan for the meantime. While you’re waiting for replacement parts to be shipped and repairs to be made, you’ll need a phone to use. You may be able to borrow an old one from a friend. If not, look for companies in your area that offer temporary phones for use in situations just like yours. Ask the business providing your repairs if they have any deals on these temporary phones.

Be Prepared for Next Time

Of course you don’t want there to be a next time, but you may find that you have other repairs to make on your iPhone down the line. Be prepared for those times to avoid the lengthy wait time that often comes with ordering new parts and having phones repaired. Use a protective case to prevent damage and always have a spare battery to replace yours if necessary. Being prepared for the tasks you can handle on your own and having the number of a specialist to take care of the problems you can’t, will save you time and money in the long run.


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