Common Misconceptions About Cell Phone Repair

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The world of mobile phones is saturated. Nearly everybody has one and they serve multiple purposes ranging from scheduling appointments, transferring peer-to-peer funds, taking photos and beyond. Because they are an essential part of everyday life, many people are cautious when it comes to getting their phone repaired and have developed misconceptions about the repair process. Let’s discuss and debunk some of the most common ones.

“Getting my phone repaired will void the warranty.”

A lot of folks think that taking their phone to a cell phone repair store will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Repair store or not, a lot of accidental damage such as broken screens is not covered under a phone’s limited one-year warranty. It is a good idea to check in with your provider and manufacturer to see if they will cover the repair. A lot of providers will try to convince you to buy a whole new phone all together. Repair shops will help you fix the phone and repairing the phone is often excessively cheaper than replacing it.

“Only certified technicians can fix my phone.”

No certification is required to operate a cell phone repair shop (with the exception of California). Some of the most highly skilled technicians are self-taught and many do go to repair training schools. Lots of these technicians have spent tireless hours researching and finding solutions beyond traditional realms. Rather than worry about certification, research the shop and read reviews on services. Zagg Phone Repair offers a full selection of repair services with 90-day parts & labor warranty on every device we fix.

“I can fix the phone myself.”

As we explored in previous entries, many phone users think they can make repairs themselves. While this may result in initial savings, the costs in the long run can be devastating. Many “repair kits” come with tiny parts that are hard to assemble and you risk losing personal data if you do not back up your phone properly. It is best to leave phone repair to professionals.

“Phone repair is expensive.”

Price of cell phone repair is grossly misconceived. According to industry data collected in January 2015, the average price to fix the iPhone 6 is $179 ( Considering how much we use our phones, this is much less than a replacement and probably worth it in the long run.


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