A Closer Look At Some Of The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Cell Phone Repair

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Over the past couple of decades, cell phones have evolved a lot – the first ones were big and bulky and they seemed unbreakable, while the modern smart phones come with a touchscreen feature embedded and can be easily damaged if dropped or if water reaches the internal circuits, given the fact that they are thin and usually made of glass. However, cell phone and iPhone repair services are available at your disposal – why get a new phone if your old one can be easily repaired at a fraction of the cost? Having said that, here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding cell phone selling and repairing:

1. What Phone Brands And Models Do You Repair?

We repair various generations of iPhones, iPod Touch, and iPads. .

2. How Much Will It Cost Me To Have My Device Repaired?

The price of the repair services depends on two factors: the type and extent of the damage (whether you have cracked the screen or you just need to have your battery replaced, for instance) as well as the kind of device that needs repairs.

3. Do The Repairs Come With A Warranty?

All repairs done in store, or through Mobile Z Tech or Mail In repair services are backed by our exclusive, comprehensive lifetime warranty. Our warranty protects against Screen/LCD and any other repaired or replaced parts that malfunction, or do not work as intended or designed. It does not protect against any of the following: Accidental or purposeful drops; for example breaking/cracking LCD or Digitizer glass. Tampering with internal hardware. Damage resulting from attempted customer repair. Unlocked or jail broken devices. New damages unrelated to the original repair. Or Water damage.

In addition our warranty does not cover certain pre-existing conditions including: Water damage, Jail broken or unlocked devices and tampering with internal hardware

4. Do I Need To Back Up My Data?

Yes, we always recommend you back up any important data, including contacts, music, games etc. , that may be stored on your device prior to repairs.


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