Cell Phone Repair and the End of Planned Obsolescence

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many companies intentionally design their products to break down after a short period of time. This aspect of products is known as planned obsolescence, and nowhere is it more obvious than with electronics. Smartphones are a great example of an electronic that breaks down well before they should. Even when you take care of your smartphone incredibly well, after a year or so, something always seems to go wrong with it. The companies that design and manufacture smartphones do this so that people will replace them year after year. The more smartphones that consumers have to replace, the more money the smartphone companies haul in. Fortunately, for consumers all across the United States, cell phone repair is working to put an end to planned obsolescence.


There are few things that are more frustrating than having your smartphone stop working. Your smartphone becomes a part of you unlike any other object. It is how you communicate with people, how you check your email, how you stay up-to-date on the news, how you manage your social media accounts, how you take pictures, and so much more. When your cell phone breaks, it can feel like a bit of your soul is breaking, too. The terrible thing about having your smartphone break is that they can be incredibly complicated to repair. Rather than doing so, most people simply purchase a new one, but that can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. This is where the advancements in cell phone repair can have a huge impact in the life of every smartphone owner out there.


Many companies, such as Zagg Phone Repair, can fix virtually any issue with a smartphone now. Did your iPhone home button stop working? The team at Zagg Phone Repair can fix it in less than 90 minutes and it will only cost you $20. Is your screen not functioning properly, or does it have massive scratches on it? They can fix it in about an hour and it won’t cost you nearly as much as replacing the entire phone would. Zagg Phone Repair can even fix your phone after you’ve dropped it into water. In the past, getting water on your phone meant that it was gone forever. However, Zagg Phone Repair offers a product known as Drybox. Drybox has the capability of removing all of the water from the phone, returning it to its prior state.


It doesn’t matter what type of smartphone you have. Companies today can now handle iPhone repair, Android repair, and tablet repairs. The next time your smartphone breaks, don’t spend hours stressing about what you are going to do. Zagg Phone Repair services the entire DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas, and no matter what issue your phone is having, they can repair it in less than 90 minutes. This means that before you even know what life without your smartphone is like, they’ll have it repaired and functioning perfectly again. Defeat the challenges of planned obsolescence by repairing your smartphone, not by purchasing a new one.


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