How to care for a smart phone

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Since it first graced the marketplace, the smart phone has dominated the electronic market.  In fact, the market is so saturated by smart phones that one would be hard pressed to find someone without one in their pocket.  Nowadays smart phones are more like little handheld computers, and must be treated with a level of finesse that is require to keep it in tip top shape.   Follow these tips to ensure the life of  your smart phone.

  1. Always use a case.  Despite people’s best effort, everyone drops their smart phone from time to time.  A dropped phone is the number one reason people seek smart phone repairs.  A case will absorb some of the force, when the phone is dropped, keeping it from shattering or breaking.  A case also protects the phone from damage due to exposure to water, dirt or grime.
  2. Never leave the smart phone in direct sunlight, or in a heated area.  Exposure to direct sunlight or extreme heat can cause the phone to overheat, which can cause problems to the circuits.  Most smartphones have a function to automatically turn off in these cases, but it is better to not risk it.
  3. Keep your phone clean.  Because the phone is constantly with you, thrown in bags or pockets, a phone can collect germs and everyday grime just from normal use.  By wiping down the phone with a approved spray and cloth, you can limit your exposure to germs.
  4. Keep it charged.  In order to get the most out of your phone, take the time to make sure you fully charge the phone every night.
  5. Close all unused apps.  This will save the battery and it will also save you on how much data you use. Which can save you money depending on your plan.
  6. If the phone freezes or is running slow, shut it down for at least 30 seconds.  Turning a device off and restarting solves a majority of technical issues.

By following these basic tricks you will avoid many of the most common needs for smartphone repairs.  If you do come across any technical problems beyond your knowledge contact your local smartphone repair center. 


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