Best Methods for Smartphone Screen Repair

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Smartphones have been saturating the market for the better part of a decade.  From iPhones to droids, almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket today.  With every new version, smartphones continue to become more intuitive and technically advanced.  Nowadays, every smartphone is like having a personal computer in the palm of your hand.  This has made a generation of people highly dependent on their little hand held devices so when the inevitable happens it breaks, you are at a loss.

In the past, a broken smartphone meant one thing, time for a new one.  However, that is no longer the case.   While there are many websites that claim to have quick fix tips for smartphones, it is the services that Zagg Phone Repair offers that really take the cake.

From screen repairs to battery replacements, Zagg provides customers with quality repairs at an affordable price.   Zagg has a selection of in store locations throughout DC metro area, however if there is not a store in your neck of the woods, Zagg offers a mail-in service as well.

Whether you mail in or drop your smartphone off in store, the process is the same.  A customer representative will work directly with you, getting all the necessary information needed to repair your device.  Once they understand what the issue is, they can begin with an estimated quote for the repairs.  After you agree to the price, Zagg will begin repairing your device in a quick and efficient manner.  If they discover further complications with the smartphone, you are notified immediately with a full explanation of the necessary actions.   Throughout the whole process, Zagg makes sure to be open and honest, walking you through the entire repair process step by step.

Zagg understands how important your smartphone is to you, so a typical repair only takes 30-90 minutes in store.   In addition to their speedy and affordable services, Zagg offers a 90 day parts and labor warranty on every device they fix.


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