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A cracked phone screen is one of the most common repair issues we experience here at Zagg Phone Repair. Countless individuals bring their new iPhones into our repair technicians will chips, cracks, or completely busted phone screens. These screens – made of glass – are nearly unusable due to the size of the damage, which often spider webs across the display itself.

Is DIY Repair Viable?

Many smartphone owners would rather not pay an experienced repair technician to fix their phone troubles. They believe the cost of repairs is an additional expense to avoid. Unfortunately, doing it yourself at home is not always a smart, viable option. In fact, we would highly advise not performing your glass replacements.

When removing the screen of an iPhone and replacing the damaged glass, you must be extremely careful not to cause any additional injury or harm yourself during the process. On top of this, opening up the device will break Apple’s warranty. Without a new warranty from Zagg Phone Repair in place, you risk paying full price for another repair down the road.

Repair Costs

The cost to fix the glass of an iPhone is insignificant when compared with the price for a brand new device. In fact, you only options are to replace just the screen or the entire smartphone. Choosing the less costly option will always be beneficial.

Many repair services will charge for the parts and labor required to perform the repair job. You need to shop around and find a service that is both high-quality and affordable for your current budget.

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