Advantages of Professional iPhone Repair vs. DIY Repair

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That we have become attached to our smartphones is a truth we often hate to admit. They are virtual leashes that allow us to schedule appointments, listen to music and communicate instantly as well as offer convenience applications. When a phone decides to take a dip in the pool or plunge onto the sidewalk, it can be devastating, leaving users daunted and wondering what to do to make it operable ASAP. Sometimes, we are prone to thinking that it would be quicker and easier on our wallets to fix the phone ourselves. However, here are some reasons to take your iPhone into a trusted professional to get it repaired.

1.)  Risks

There are a number of risks associated with DIY phone repair. First and foremost, the moment you open your iPhone yourself it voids the warranty. This means even if you attempt to fix a cracked screen or replace a battery yourself, you may end up damaging the phone further forcing you to buy a new phone all together. If you attempt a home repair and your phone is not backed up, you also run the risk of losing your contacts, applications and saved music/documents on your phone. A trained professional at Zagg Phone Repair will ensure that all steps are taken to backup your phone and make sure that no data is lost in the repair process.

2.)  Proper tools and procedures

Even if you watch YouTube tutorials or read DIY guides prior to your phone repair, you cannot guarantee that you are using the tools needed to repair your phone properly. Even the DIY battery replacement kits and screen replacement parts cannot assure that the job is being done properly. It can be easy to mix up several of the connectors and one misstep can become a fatal error. One man recounts a mishap comparing a DIY phone repair to “20-plus years of experience as a jeweler, fly fisherman, or neurosurgeon.” Although he read tutorials and took the proper steps, he ended up yanking all 3 iPhone connectors out of the phone and having no success getting a single percentage of battery power after a botched DIY phone repair (

3.)  Service warranties and efficiency

Trusted phone repair professionals are here to help get your phone operational in a prompt and reliable manner. Apple iPhone repair comes with a limited warranty that only included one year of hardware repairs and extended warranties become pricy after that. Zagg Phone Repair will provide services at a fair price. Zagg professionals know how essential phones are to everyday professional and personal communication and can fix your phone in 30-90 minutes.  We also offer a 90-day parts and labor warranty on every device we fix!


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