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Phone Repair Diagnostics

Nobody can afford to be without their smartphone or tablet for very long. So when something goes wrong with a mobile device, it can cause anything from mild annoyance to severe panic. ZAGG Phone Repair can help stop the madness before it starts.

Screen Repair

We’ve all experienced that fleeting moment of terror when an iPhone drops on the ground and shatters its screen—or that utter confusion when the screen gets scratched even when we protect it like one of our children. Whatever the cause, a phone screen blemish or crack is irritating, but something many of us decide to just live with. But with ZAGG, you can repair a phone screen much more easily than you think.

Button Repair

Power buttons that don’t turn on. Home buttons that leave you stranded. Buttons that don’t do anything but make you scream, and not in a fun way. A broken button can make your iPhone seem like nothing more than pocket fill.

Charging Issues

The smartphone is a communication device, entertainment center, and productivity suite all in one. That means it needs power. When a smartphone doesn’t charge as it’s supposed to, it can feel like all our connectivity is seeping away. In most cases that’s not good.

Battery Replacement

Battery health is one of the most significant elements of the smartphone, but also one of the easiest to take for granted—until, of course, it stops working.

This year, we have repaired

iPhones: 21,983
iPads: 8,463
Galaxys: 4,496

ZAGG Phone Repair offers the following services to keep your phone and tablet running.

Mobile Screen
Tablet Screen
Battery Replacement
Won't Charge


Warranty Information

ZAGG Phone Repair pays special attention to each and every repair and product sold.
For that very reason we offer warranties on all repairs and Invisible Shield products.



"Got my phone fixed in 10 minutes flat and offered me water while I waited!  Also super cool.  Will definitely recommend!" ~  Antonio W.

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"ZAGG Phone Repair provided the greatest service with fast turn around time. Highly recommended ! Got my friends phone repaired. In and out of store in 10 mins. Wow!" ~ Max D.

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"The ZAGG Phone Repair technicians are incredibly thoughtful, helpful and will not stop until you are satisfied. I came in with a cracked phone screen. Forty minutes later it was fixed." ~ Nick A.

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Jeff was awesome, good communicator, fantastic customer service experience today. My iPhone 6 had a very broke screen, kitchen plastic wrap holding it together. Dropped the phone off this morning and they quickly repaired, added optional glass shield at my request, and even helped identify and resolve a sensor issue, spotty charging problem.

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Certified experts

We fix it all the popular brands

We are Zealous About Great Gadgets and passionate about Technology. At the forefront of the consumer experience we strive to stay up to date on the latest and greatest trends in the technology space….always increasing our knowledge and fine tuning our craft.  We all go through hours and hours of hands on training; maintaining a high standard of quality, integrity, and the goal of a flawless repair. Whether you decide to come to one of our stores or decide to dispatch a tech to your home or office we strive excellence in both customer service and in the finished product.

iPhone Repair | Fix ipad | Screen Repair | Phone Doctor

Phone Repair Specialists

Mobile technologies are an integral part of our daily lives, keeping us connected and adding unparalleled convenience. What happens when your iPhone won’t charge or your buttons won’t work? What if you drop your iPad and shatter the screen?

As much as we utilize our mobile devices, it’s no surprise that they suffer wear and tear, or that damages occur. At Zagg Phone Repair, we understand the inconvenience of a damaged or malfunctioning smartphone or tablet, and the hassle of having to fix iPhone screen or other issues.

You don’t want your battery dying at an inopportune moment, like mid-travel while you’re using Google maps. Nor do you want to continue to swipe over a broken screen that could slice your finger open. Such issues can significantly reduce the utility of your devices.

Luckily, there is a solution that doesn’t require you to drop hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, or other device. To fix iPhone and other mobile gadget issues, all you need is a hand from the phone doctor.

Zagg offers comprehensive and convenient services to repair iPhone, iPad, and Galaxy issues. We not only specialize in repairs for a variety of common problems, but we have two great service options. When your battery isn’t charging or you need button or screen repair, we’re on the job with fast, effective, and affordable services that return your devices to good working order

Two Great Options for iPhone Repair

At Zagg Phone Repair, we’re committed to making your life easier in every way possible, which is why we’re pleased to offer two great options to repair phone or tablet damage. You can either visit one of our locations for speedy repairs while you wait or you can request an on-site visit and one of our trusted technicians will come to your location for ultimate convenience.

We know you lead a busy life, and you just don’t have time to fix phone and tablet snafus. Instead of trying to schedule an appointment with Apple or another carrier, which could take days or weeks, simply find the location nearest you, set an appointment time that works with your schedule, or drop in at our location to speak with an expert Zagg technician. We’re happy to fix iPad or phone problems on the spot, while you wait, so you can regain function and get on with your life.

What if you just don’t have time to visit one of our convenient locations? No problem – we’ll come to you. Schedule your preferred appointment time online and we’ll visit your home, office, or favorite coffee shop to complete repairs on-site. Your phone or tablet will be good as new in no time.

Your Reliable iPhone and iPad Doctor

Whether you rely on mobile devices to manage your Instagram account and dating profiles, conduct business remotely, or play the latest augmented reality games, the last thing you need is the hassle of a phone that won’t charge or a broken screen. With expert repair services from Zagg Phone Repair, you can fix iPad screen issues or iPhone battery woes with ease. Convenient locations, remote service options, and speedy repairs are all at your fingertips, and at far better prices than device replacement.

Our Services

Zagg Phone Repair is pleased to offer a variety of services related to iPhone and iPad screen repair, button repair, battery replacement, and more. Our services include:

  • Diagnostics
  • iPad or iPhone Screen Repair
  • Button Repair
  • Charging Issues
  • Battery Replacement
  • In-Store or On-Site Repairs
  • and more

When you need to fix phone screen or tablet screen issues, our experts will make needed repairs in minutes and offer added protection against further harm like invisible screen shields and protective cases. We do more a lot more than repair phone screen issues, though.

First, our highly-trained and experienced technicians will diagnose the cause of your problems, whether you’re having charging issues or buttons won’t work. From there, we can repair iPhone or iPad buttons, or replace them if need be. We can also repair or replace malfunctioning charging ports or upgrade a battery that won’t hold a charge.

Zagg Phone Repair is your iPhone doctor and Galaxy guru. When you’re in desperate need of iPad or iPhone repair and you simple can’t go another minute without your essential mobile devices, don’t hesitate to to schedule needed repair services.


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