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Sarasota FL iPhone & iPad Screen Repair

It is well known that smart devices like iPhones and iPads are incredibly expensive, so when you make the investment in one, you want it to last. Unfortunately, the glass screen that makes the iPhone and iPad so sleek and clear can break after just one careless drop. Thankfully, you have ZAGG Phone Repair to assist you with fast and affordable Sarasota, FL iPhone and iPad screen repair. We can assist you in getting your phone or tablet back to like-new condition in a matter of minutes. Come visit our Sarasota, FL location and speak to our staff! We are happy to help!

How It All Works

Getting quality iPhone and iPad screen repair is easy, fast, and simple. Just visit our Sarasota location with your device. Our experienced technicians will assess the repair to be made and provide you with a price and time estimate. We know it can be hard to part with your smart device. Fortunately, most repairs can be completed within a half-hour. Do you live too far from our Sarasota location? No worries! We have a mail-in option!

Mail-It In

When you live too far or are unable to get to one of our repair locations, you have the option to mail in your iPad or iPhone for screen repair service. Once we receive your device, we will notify you by phone about the price and time estimate for repair. We will then mail it back by Priority mail service within one business day.

About Sarasota, FL

Sarasota is an exceptional city known for its interest in the arts and environmental protection. The beaches in Sarasota are world-renowned and bring people from all over the world. There is much to do and see in Sarasota, including visiting the Asolo Repertory Theater, the Sarasota Chalk Festival, as well as Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. ZAGG Phone Repair is proud to serve the great community of Sarasota!


Are you in need of Sarasota, FL iPad and iPhone screen repair? Contact the ZAGG Phone Repair location closest to you!

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Store Manager Information

Name: Bill JusticeSarasota, FL Manager info
Phone: 941-323-9230
Before joining Zagg at U.T.C , Bill was a Business store owner of a retail convenient store and boat shop ,for over 10 years. In total he has been in retail for over 22 years. Before working in retail, he attended college in Arizona, and studied business. In his free time , he enjoys spending time with family, going fishing and sports. Joining Zagg , has been a exciting and enjoyable move forward. Loving to work with customers one on one and providing them with a great service has made this possible.

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