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Orlando FL iPhone & iPad Screen Repair

When you are in Orlando, you are probably always on the go. It is common to never be apart from our smart devices. These devices can cost hundreds of dollars, and yet their glass screens can crack and shatter during normal use. Instead of spending thousands, why not call ZAGG Phone Repair? Our Orlando, FL iPhone and iPad screen repair can be completed quickly so you can get back to your day-to-day activities. You will be surprised by how fast your iPad or iPhone can look like new again. Call us for details or visit our location in Orlando!

How We Repair iPhones and iPads

The whole process from start to finish is simple and can be done over your lunch break. Just visit one of our ZAGG Phone Repair locations, and we will assess the repair to be done. Right away we will be able to provide you with a price and time estimate. Most screen repairs can be completed within half an hour! With most large companies requiring days for repair, our service is lightning fast.

Mail-In Option

We also have a mail-in option for customers who cannot come to our physical location. Mail in your device with our repair form. One of our technicians will give you a call to notify you that we have received your phone and provide you with an estimate for the repair. After we make the appropriate repairs, we will send your device back Priority mail within one business day. ZAGG Phone Repair service is possible without having to leave the comfort of your own home!

About Orlando, FL

Orlando is a large and vibrant city located in the heart of the Sunshine State. Known as the location for endless entertainment, residents and tourists alike visit Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando, Gatorland, and much more. Aside from the amusement parks located in the city, there is a prosperous economy, diverse arts community, and friendly residents. ZAGG Phone Repair is proud to serve the Orlando community with exceptional service.

Do you need Orlando, FL iPad and iPhone screen repair? Contact the ZAGG Phone Repair location closest to you!

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Store Manager Information

Name: Kheily WewerStore Manager Orlando
phone: 407-864-9508
heily Wewer is Zagg’s manager at Florida Mall in Orlando. She is from La Guaira, Venezuela where she studied System Engineering. Kheily has always had a passion for technology. She began her career with Zagg’s mobile accessories in September 2016. She enjoys playing tennis with her entire family. While living in Venezuela she devoted much time to her love of tennis which turned into a number 1 ranking at the national level. She has 9 years of experience of working in sales for various companies both in Venezuela and the United States. Characteristics of her personality are the responsibility and a desire for perfection with which she does her work. This has led her to take on more responsibility with her job where she can demonstrate her leadership and commitment to her job.

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