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Annapolis, MD iPhone & iPad Screen Repair

iPhone & iPad Screen Repair Annapolis MDJust about everyone has a smartphone or tablet that plays a pivotal role in their day. From restaurants to investment companies, businesses and families of Annapolis rely heavily on these devices. When your smart device is broken, it can be incredibly inconvenient and even cause your business to suffer. The solution is simple! You need professional Annapolis, MD iPhone repair and iPad repair. Contact Zagg Phone Repair right away for fast and affordable service. We can provide same-day iPhone and iPad repair. Our average repair time for most devices is an expeditious half-hour to two hours. Drop off your iPhone or iPad before running some errands and pick up your repaired device after you are through! It really is that easy!

Common Causes of Broken Devices


When you carry a device around all day, it is almost inevitable for it to be damaged at one point or another. That is why Zagg Phone Repair is there with Annapolis, MD iPhone repair. Here are some of the most common causes of broken devices:

  • Dropped your device
  • No case on your smart phone
  • Cheap case that did not protect your phone
  • Water damage
  • Debris making its way inside the charging plug

We keep any repair price the same, regardless of whether you drop off your device or mail it in. Zagg Phone Repair is the fastest Annapolis, MD iPhone repair and iPad repair.

About Annapolis, MD


Annapolis is the capital of Maryland and one of the most charming cities you will ever visit. Located right along the Chesapeake Bay, it is a historic city that brings in tens of thousands of tourists each year. Annapolis is a center for the arts, with multiple theaters including the outdoor Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre, which is visible from the dock. Zagg Phone Repair is proud to be a part of the Annapolis community and provide residents with quality phone repair.

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Contact or Call Zagg Phone Repair at (410) 571-7727 for more information about iPhone repair and iPad repair in Annapolis, MD. Our technicians are standing by to help you!

Store Manager information

Name: Eduardo Martinez
Phone: 410-571-7727
Eduardo Martinez, Zagg Manager Annapolis Mall, Born in United States, left the country went he was 3 years Old, parents from Brazil, El Salvador. He lived in South America for 19 years, he work in Bank of Brazil for 2 years and went to UBA (University of Buenos Aires) Medicine, in 2004, back to United States to Tallahassee FL, in 2006 start working at Best Buy Geek Squad, move to Maryland in 2007, working for Holly Cross Silver Spring MD CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) working for Golden Corral Arundel Mills, Chef manager for 3 years, in 2011 start working at Zagg Phone Repair Annapolis Mall working Fixing Phones and Screen Protectors with technology, great personality and customer services, since 2011 until present his working for the company.
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