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iPhone Screen Repair Service

iPhone Screen Repair ServiceDropping an iPhone is a tradition of sorts. Unfortunately, the screen on the iPhone is notoriously fragile. Cases can be bulky and large so many take the risk and go without. Because of this, you can find many people using their iPhone with a cracked screen. You shouldn’t have to struggle with a broken screen! Zagg Phone Repair offers fast iPhone screen repair no matter where you are. Simply visit one of our locations or mail it in and we can perform your iPhone screen repair typically within one business day. It is really that simple!

Why You Should Never Use a Cracked Screen

Aside from the inconvenience, using a cracked screen can be downright dangerous. Because using a broken iPhone is so common, people assume that it is safe to do. However, you risk injury to yourself and further damage to your phone if you continue to use your iPhone when it is broken. The consequences include…

  • The iPhone screen is glass that can cut you while you continue to use it
  • A small crack can continue and lead to shattering when temperature or pressure changes
  • Moisture and dirt can get into your phone, which was once protected by the screen
  • It could keep you from fully reading important information on your iPhone

You should never assume your phone is still not damaged because it is working okay. Getting quality iPhone screen repair is easy! Just call Zagg and let us know how we can assist you.

iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, & 6s Screen Repair

You deserve to have fast, reliable, and affordable service when it comes to your iPhone. Here at ZAGG Phone Repair, we understand the need for same-day iPhone repair, no matter your phone model. We know you use your phone throughout the day for both personal and work-related tasks. You shouldn’t have to struggle to see the info on your screen! Our iPhone repair experts will fix your device’s screen in no time.
ZAGG Phone Repair provides top-quality iPhone screen repair services. Whether your iPhone screen only has a small crack or you need a brand-new screen altogether, we guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our services.

What services can Zagg provide for me?

Zagg Phone Repair isn’t just a phone repair company. Zagg can provide the following services: iPhone, iPad, and iPod repair; cracked screen repair or replacement; drop-in or mail-in phone repair services; and even phone accessories.

Do you replace the glass on my device or the whole front screen?

When it comes to phone repair, especially for glass phones such as the iPhone, the extent of the damage is what determines what we replace. For example, if there are multiple cracks in the glass on your device, then it may require a full glass replacement. If just the glass front screen is cracked, that usually can be addressed on its own.

How do I repair an iPhone touch screen?

The realistic, short, and simple answer is this: you don’t! Do not try to repair an iPhone touch screen on your own. Leave that to the professionals, or you may end up causing further damage to the phone itself.

What would be the estimated cost of repairing the cracked screen of an iPhone 6?

The extent of the damage is really what will determine cost. We generally cannot give a direct quote until we see the full work to be done. Feel free to call us or visit one of our six locations for a cost estimate.

How long does a repair usually take?

It is generally a very quick turnaround for you to get your repaired product back into your hands. From your initial drop-off or mail-in to the completed work done, it can be anywhere from 1-2 days max.

What are some of your most common repairs?

We repair iPhone screens on a daily basis. The iPhone’s particular screen is very fragile, so it is not uncommon for it to crack. We also tend to commonly repair iPads and iPods, as they have similar screens to the iPhone.

For more information about iPhone screen repair from Zagg Phone Repair, contact us to speak to one of our friendly iPhone repair technicians.

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