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iPhone 6 Repair

iPhone 6 Repair ServicesIf you discover your iPhone 6 is broken and requires repairs, bring it to ZAGG Phone Repair. Our iPhone 6 repair service utilizes a team of experienced technicians with the latest training and technology to solve any problem. No matter what the issue is, our team will diagnose the phone and have it back to you shortly.

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

Issues caused by accident are not always covered under a manufacturer’s warranty. When it comes to iPhone 6 repair, screen replacements tend to be the most common issue we see here at ZAGG Phone Repair. A crack in your phone’s screen can be annoying and downright dangerous. Our technicians will carefully remove the broken screen and install a new screen that will return your phone to like-new condition.

iPhone 6 Screen Repair Cost

At ZAGG, our certified technicians are capable of repairing an iPhone 6 screen within half an hour. For just the screen replacement, we currently charge $99.99, plus tax. Compared to other repair services, our prices are unbeatable.

iPhone 6 Water Damage Repair

Whether your mobile phone fell in the toilet or dropped into a pool, water damage can cause serious problems on the iPhone 6. Exposure to moisture can damage the internal components of the device. Most have problems with their sound first and foremost, then the screen, and finally the phone may shut down completely. Unfortunately, you cannot open an iPhone at home to fix the problem, as the device requires special equipment that only certified repair technicians carry.

iPhone 6 Charging Port Replacement

The most common reason for an iPhone 6 requiring a charging port replacement is due to the device having been dropped while charging. If it hits just right, the charging port could become damaged. Our technicians will utilize the latest tools, technology, and training to replace the charging port to a like-new state effectively.

Contact Us

If you need iPhone 6 repair, visit our Contact Us page for information on how to get in touch with ZAGG Phone Repair. We have service shops in various states along the East Coast.

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