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iPad Screen Repair Service

ipad screen repairiPads have become a replacement for many people’s laptops. As such, it gets carried along everywhere; school, work, or traveling, the iPad comes along. Many iPad cases are bulky, large, and impact the sensitivity of the touchscreen. Because of this, many people forego the extra protection of a case. However, it is inevitable that an iPad will get dropped, scratched, or scuffed at some point. Thankfully, there is fast and effective iPad screen repair with Zagg Phone Repair. If your iPad screen is damaged, there is no reason to tough it out. Get it repaired same day with Zagg!

Cost of iPad Repair

The cost for an iPad repair will entirely depend on the exact type of repair you require. When you bring in your mobile device, one of our technicians will examine the unit for any and all problems. Please be sure to explain both exactly what your tablet is doing and what happens when you attempt to use it. This information will help us better diagnose whatever issue is plaguing the system at this time.

When it comes to repairing the screen, you can expect to pay anywhere from $109.99 up, depending on the particular model of iPad. For water damage recovery repairs, you should expect to pay $45. We detail the exact costs of our repairs services on our prices page, so you can always access more specific information. If you have any further questions regarding price or repair specifics, be sure to ask one of our experienced technicians for more details.

Do you offer any warranty on your repairs?

Yes, we do in fact offer warranties for any repairs we complete in our repair shop. You must register your product on our official website, however, before it is covered under warranty. Products purchased directly from our website or in-store are automatically registered and under warranty. Warranties are, however, non-transferrable and only available to the original user of the product. The type of warranty you receive will depend on your personal preferences and the type of device you have. We have detailed our warranty policies for you here on our website. This includes information on limited lifetime warranties, 30-day return policies, and 1-year manufacturer’s warranties. For the most part, we cover wear and damage to any product that is repaired through our services. However, this warranty only includes the particular device and products obtained for said device.

Why Do I Need iPad Screen Repair?

It is unbelievable how many people will use their iPad even when the screen is broken, cracked, or shattered. Not only would this prevent you from reading things effectively on the screen, but also it can be very dangerous. Without proper iPad screen repair, a broken screen can cause the following:

  • Cuts on your hands and fingers from broken glass
  • Damage to your iPad from moisture, dirt, and oil leaking down into the iPad
  • Sudden shattering which can injure anyone near the broken glass
  • Permanent damage to the touch screen

Don’t risk an injury or further damage to your iPad. An iPad screen repair is fast, effective, and incredibly affordable. Say goodbye to reading between the cracks on your tablet. Trust the expert technicians at Zagg Phone Repair with your iPad screen repair today!

For more information regarding our iPad screen repair, contact our team today. Contact us to speak to one of our friendly repair technicians. 

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