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Don’t Replace Your iPhone, Repair it at ZAGG!

While iPhones are a popular smartphone choice, when considering the future, one must keep in mind that Apple iPhones only come with a limited warranty and one year of hardware repair.   One also has the option of buying extended coverage for two years from purchase date, which will only cover two instances of accidental […]

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Zagg Cracks the Problem of Broken iPhone Screens

There is no smartphone fail quite as heartbreaking as dropping your phone and picking it up, hoping for the best, and instead finding the first signs of a cracked screen.  iPhones are expensive to buy, expensive to replace and typically expensive to fix.  Without insurance, you are resigned to using your broken phone, having to […]

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No Zagg Nearby? No Problem! Mail in Your Phone Today!

Zagg Phone Repair locations are conveniently located in mall kiosks throughout Maryland and Virginia, but if these locations are not convenient to you, do not worry.  Zagg offers an easy mail-in option so that everyone can take advantage of Zagg Phone Repair’s incredible service. We know how important your smartphone can be and our expert […]

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Quick, Easy and Convenient Phone Repair at Zagg!

Zagg Phone Repair provides a quick and easy way to repair your broken iPhone.  Before you consider an expensive replacement, bring your broken smartphone to Zagg, where experienced technicians can quickly fix your iPhone or Droid.  Zagg Phone Repair can replace a cracked or damaged TouchScreen, as well as offer replacements of your phone’s home […]

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…but if it is, go to Zagg!

  After it’s first release in 2007, Apple’s iPhone has seen nothing but success during its rise to the top of the smartphone pyramid. Though each release has had its glitches, in the phone design itself and its hardware and software, iPhone has still maintained a strong following of smartphone users. With each new release, […]

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Broken iPhone got you down?

Broken iPhone got you down?  At Zagg Phone Repair we understand just how difficult it can be to function without your smartphone, which is why we don’t want you to go a moment longer than you have to without your device.  Whether the problem is a cracked screen, water damage or you are in need […]

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iPhone Screen Repair

Broken iPhone screen? Nobody has time for that! The good news? Your world doesn’t need to come to a screeching halt just because your iPhone is cracked. At Zagg Phone Repair we know how much everyone relies on their cell phones these days, especially smart phones. Let Zagg help you repair your iPhone and get you […]

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iPhone Repair

iPhones are expensive, but they have don’t have to be expensive to fix. Rather then trying to fix the broken iPhone on your own, you are better off taking your iPhone to a qualified and experienced iPhone repair center such as Zagg iPhone Repair. We have many conveienent locations in the Washington D.C. / Virginia […]

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