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iPod Screen Replacement

Are you tired of squinting to read what is on your iPod due to the cracks and scratches? Because iPods are carried with you, they are more susceptible to drops and screen damage. If you have a cracked screen, you risk injury and permanent iPod damage. There is no need to suffer from a screen that doesn’t work properly. Zagg Phone Repair provides affordable iPod screen replacement to keep your device looking like new. Our team of experienced repair technicians can offer iPod screen replacement in as little as 30 minutes to two hours. With such an easy process, you will ask yourself why you didn’t do it sooner!

How Does iPod Screen Replacement Work?

Zagg Phone Repair makes the entire process as easy as possible. If you live in D.C., Maryland, or Virginia, we have multiple locations you can visit. Bring your broken iPod and one of our friendly technicians will take a look and provide you with a price and time estimate for your iPod screen replacement.

How long does the process take for an iPod screen replacement?

One of the most asked questions of any is how long it would take to receive a complete screen replacement for a broken iPod. Well, the answer to that question can vary depending on the iPod, whether or not the shop has the necessary supplies in stock and the repairs that may be needed internally.

At other repair shops, a replacement screen can take around three to five business days before the item is shipped back to you. This time frame could easily change depending on numerous factors mentioned above, though.The three to five-day time frame requires you sending your device directly to Apple for repairs. No one wants to wait around almost a week for their music player.

At Zagg Phone Repair, our experienced technicians could have your screen replacement completed within just 30 minutes to two hours. The process is quite easy and most won’t even mind the wait, as it is not long at all.

Average iPod Screen Replacement Cost

The average iPod screen replacement cost will vary depending on the model you have at the time of repair. At Zagg Phone Repair, we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices that favor you, the consumer, when repairs are needed on your music player device.

For example, a 2nd generation iPod Touch screen replacement will only cost $39.99, while a 4th generation screen replacement will cost just $59.99. You see, the prices have been designed to offer a quality product without breaking the bank. If you were to go through other sources, users could pay as much as $100 for a simple screen replacement job. That’s just not viable for most customers these days. Most would simply save up and purchase a new iPod instead.

If you’d like to know the screen replacement cost for your particular device, bring the player into the store or visit the rest of our website and find your model for a more intuitive pricing guide.

Not Local? No Problem

If you don’t live near one of our locations, simply mail in your iPod! We will call you when we have received your iPod and confirm the details before we provide iPod screen replacement services. In most cases, the device is repaired same day and we ship it back Priority Mail within the same business day! Better yet, the prices are the same as in-store.

If you need iPod screen replacement, call one of our convenient Zagg Phone Repair locations. Contact us to speak to one of our experienced technicians today!

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