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Charging Port and Volume Button Replacement

charging port and volume button replacementWith iPhones, one of the biggest problems users run into is needing charging port and volume button replacement. These two items on the phone are used most often, especially by those users who enjoy listening to music on their mobile device. It is better to have these pieces repaired than to buy a whole new phone, which is expensive these days.

Charger/Lightning Port Repair

The most common way to damage a charger/lightning port is by dropping the phone with the charger attached to the port. This may bend the internals of the port or the charging cable itself. In either case, the port may need to be repaired or replaced entirely to continue operating as it should.

Port Repair Cost

The cost to repair the charging port of your phone will depend on the model of phone you currently have and the significance of the issue. For a complete estimate, give us a call today or bring your phone to one of our repair shops. Our expert technicians will examine the problem and determine the exact cost of the repair job. For charging port and volume button replacement on a spendy iPhone, though, the investment is worthwhile.

Volume Button

You wear the volume button down when it is pressed too often or too hard. After getting dropped from a significant height, a direct hit will also damage the button. ZAGG Phone Repair can replace the volume button or repair the current button with ease. Just bring your phone to one of our repair stores today.

Contact Us

For full-service phone repairs or charging port and volume button replacement service, visit our contact page for information on specific locations. ZAGG Phone Repair has numerous service shops around the region that would be happy to assist you.

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